Saturday, January 5, 2008

What Is Reiki? Know The Answer? Ask Yourself Again...

I am often asked, "What is Reiki?" and of course I always end up explaining more than the person probably ever wanted to know...

But for my students who have completed Levels I and II, who are preparing to go on into their Master's classes, I sometimes think that if they haven't already figured it out...perhaps they should be asking the question again.

Reiki , as taught by Dr. Usui in the early 1920’s is ultimately a path to enlightenment and for most Americans that is a concept beyond their realm of thought. But what else can you call it besides enlightenment, when you realize that all of the gods and goddesses that we manage to worship in our separate religions are One and the Same?

And what else can you say other than Reiki is a path to enlightenment when you realize that in all continents Reiki is practiced regardless of the practitioners religion, creed, race or social status?

I am awed when I look at the big picture, knowing that Reiki has been the one uniter...that as Reiki practitioners we can gather together, knowing that we may worship differently but we call the power of One. As far as I know this is unprecedented behavior in the history of mankind.

So when my advanced students get around to asking, "What is Reiki?" the only answer I can think of other than all that I have already said is this...

As practitioners and teachers of Reiki, we possess a Sacred access to a Powerful Energy that if used properly we could raise the level of consciousness of every single person on this planet.

Can you imagine what would happen then?

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