Sunday, December 23, 2007

We Are Spiritual Beings...

I hope that you already recognize the above words as truth, or that they resonate with your soul as bearing a yet not understood truth because we are all sacred, spiritual beings and as such recognize that we are more than just our physical bodies. We are so much more than what our senses tell us and by opening our minds a new awareness and knowledge we possessed not before becomes available. Listening to our internal intuition is the first path to ths new knowledge. By expanding beyond the physical realm we are then open to the Akashic Library, the knowledge of all that ever was or ever will be, if only we open our minds...

You may ask, why does it even matter if I see myself as a Spiritual Being?

My answer would be to imagine the world if we could all just recognize this one truth, putting aside the arguements of religion and just Being...

By honoring our Sacred Beings we come to a state of peace within ourselves.
By honoring the Sacredness of others and recognizing that the same invisible holiness flowing through ourselves runs through all others compassion and unconditional love become natural responses. Motives then become based from love and the betterment of all concerned...a universal link regardless of whether you are male, or female, regardless of race, or nationality, or even religion because those human labels become just that...when really we are all One.

Maybe it's impossible to imagine such a world, but I can live it as my world, and I can try to pass on that lesson to others. But back to the original question, why bother? What's in it for me?

By embracing your sacredness you unite with the Universal Creator and thus will never feel alone or lonely again. You will never feel a lack of love, because the love you feel within will fill you completely. Others faults and weaknesses will no longer annoy you because you will be filled with a love and compassion for them regardless.

By embracing your sacredness, you will beome empowered though you will feel no desire to control or dominate others and others attempts to control and dominance you will mean nothing.

So, that's it...what's in it for you...peace, bliss, joy, power, freedom.

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