Saturday, February 9, 2008

Healing Crisis Following Reiki Treatment

I usually tell people that after a treatment or attunement that they will feel rejuvenated and glowing, a feeling of peace and serenity will fill their body and mind; however sometimes after a few hours or even a few days they may feel fatigued or flu-like. This is a natural progression. In alternative medical circles, it is referred to as a healing crisis.

So what is happening?

As your 7 bodies realign they begin to eliminate toxins that have built up and by toxins I mean every type of toxin...enviromental, medicinal, emotional, stress.

You may experience a time of feeling 'different' somehow...minutes, hours, or days. You may feel "fuzzy brained" or fatigued. A healing crisis may have only slight symptoms or they may be quite severe. Symptoms may be include sleepiness or fatigue, dizziness, thirst, nausea, cramps, diarrhea, headache, muscle or joint ache, head or chest congestion, coughing, etc.

In chronic conditions you may experience a temporary worsening of all symptoms and wonder if the treatment was successful.

How can you lessen the severity of a healing crisis?
Expect that it will come and prepare for it. Drink at least four 8 ounce glasses of water within 2 hours of receining the treatment or attunement to help flush the body quickly. Plan a day of rest. Your body will tell you what you need...listen.

After one of my first attunements, I craved Grapefruit Juice. I didn't just want it...I HAD TO HAVE IT. After telling one of my Reiki peers about the experience, he had a wonderful scientific reason for the mysterious craving, of which I remember absolutely nothing...except the part when he said, "You did the right thing, listening to your body."

With more severe symptoms, your body is trying to get your attention. A time of rest and reflection is required, and if making you have a big case of the flu is the only way to get you to stop and listen then that is how your body is going to get your attention.

I cannot stress enough that a Healing Crisis is a good thing.
The desired change is occurring so don't be alarmed. Relax. Let yourself heal.

I always tell my students to be careful what you ask for and how you word the request. It makes a difference. Sometimes just adding the word "gentle" to the healing request makes all the difference.

In most cases, the discomfort will pass in a day or two, sometimes a week, depending on how deeply the cleansing goes and depending on if you recognize what is happening as a Healing Crisis. That is very important in our "take a pill society" because taking that Aspirin, Theraflu, Pepto-Bismol, or antibiotics is not the answer you are looking for and in most cases will delay the actual healing or prolong the crisis because now, not only is your body trying to work the healing of the original intention, but now it is also having to rid your body of all the "extra" toxins you keep adding to alleviate the symptoms.

A follow up treatment of Reiki should help, so call your Reiki practitioner as soon as you realize that you are having a healing crisis.

Mentally help yourself recover. You know what your intention was for the healing, so go to your sacred place and envision a successful healing taking place in your body, mind, life. Imaging the negative influences (toxins) leaving your body. Imagine the negative emotions (anger, fear, hate) that have been holding back your progress leaving you, using whatever imagining works for you ex grey smoke, black ooze...

The most important thing is to realize that you are healing, you are getting your desired answers, you are in control and being empowered.


Patti said...

On October 4 2008 I had my second degree Reiki attunement. Since then I have been going to Healing circles every week workingin a circle ofpeople whom I know.
At the end of October, I strated to feel bad pain in my right shoulder, so bad I couldn't move it at all...the pain has now been "travellig"to all the other oints and feet...I have had a treatment and nothing really changed...I believe I am going through a very intense healing crisis, but it is lasting a long time and I am starting to get concerned that it might be something else. I am 57 years old, female WAS in good health.
What do you think?

carlsblog said...

Hi Patti I am a Reiki Master as well as other healing techniques, i have come across similar before do do healing on yopuself at all or are you relying on others within your group to do any healing on you.
Do not forget that we are capable also of picking up other peoples problems so if we do not ground ourselves before we start any healing then we become prone to any problems that our clients may or may not have.
Are you also meditating because this also helps and helps us keep in touch with our guides, they may be trying to conect with you, but either way this is not a serious problem.

Love and light carl

Cindy Dy said...

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SAMRA BIBI said...

I have done 3 levels of reiki on the same day.its now my day 6 and when i do reiki i feel weak and sleep and my left brain becomes very distant healing is also not working.i have been asked by my reiki master to take proteins so it will cure this problem

SAMRA BIBI said...

I have done 3 levels of reiki on the same day.its now my day 6 and when i do reiki i feel weak and sleep and my left brain becomes very distant healing is also not working.i have been asked by my reiki master to take proteins so it will cure this problem

simmak kaur said...

My intial healing crisis involved...sleepiness, cravings for sweets; spicy; sometimes for unknown food...but today a severe pain in all over my left leg...n a burning sensasation on right foot toes...I dont know the reason...I guess the Reiki is extracting skin problems I am suffering...pain sometimes become intense that I cant even stand plus numbness in my brain...did anyone else went through same...??
PS though healing occurs differently for different persons

Sharon Kelly said...


I had reiki healing done yesterday morning. Felt good for about an hour after then started to feel very tired and my stomach just kept rumbling and I got very gassy sorry tmi and having more bowel movements and feel bloated. Is this a healing crisis? Is it normal for this to happen?

Unknown said...

I had a massage followed by some reiki the intention was emotional balance and healing a little pain in my lower and top of my back, the pain at the time was very mild just a twinge really. After the session I felt good, went home and fell asleep, woke and carried on with my day; however the next day I had complete back pains all over!! And couldn't sleep the next night it was so this normal??