Thursday, March 27, 2008

Will You CARE?

Tonight I joined an organization called CARE because of two stories I heard about...the first is how Abay, a young Ethiopian woman, stood up for what she felt was best for herself at age eight and refused to go through the ritual female cutting that would grant her entrance to the world of womanhood and how that one decision not only changed her life, but the lives of her story here. The second story was about Maria Landa of Peru, who had few options in her life until Care helped her learn a trade...following through again to help her gain a loan to start her own business when no one else would loan money to a woman. Here is her remarkable story.

You can go to my online advocacy page with Care and see how I have taken action. too can take action...sometimes signing a petition, spreading the word, or donating a week's lunch money can make a huge difference. Will you care enough to visit my page and sign a petition? Will you be willing to do more and help spread the word?

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