Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Best Life Ever...Is Possible

Two Friends in Two Days in NEED!
When a friend calls sobbing asking for reiki or a friend emails desperate for answers, I know that I am walking the right path because in so many of the instances, I have walked in their shoes and I know the answer to their need.

BTW, I say that with the utmost humility and respect because it has been a long , treacherous, painful journey for me to get to here...I walk a sacred path...we all walk a sacred path...and embracing our divinity is huge...embracing the fact that we have the power to shape our own lives, and our world is even more huge.

Of course, my immediate reaction was to light candles and send reiki (I also did "live" reiki with one of these two friends)

But the bigger part was to teach them how to embrace their own power...
This is the advice that I emailed to one of the friends and is worth repeating here for anyone who would stumble upon it.

Here is the original question...
"How can I change my luck (life)?"
And the answer is as simple as, "Start creating the life you want."
That takes three steps to start...Protect, Thanksgiving, Empowerment:
(my email answer starts here)
This is a long note!!
But everything in it is important for you to do to transform your life (and your luck)...and it is a lifestyle which is what this path is about not just a singular spell...
Do a house cleansing and then do a cleansing of the entire circle around your property immediately! Night time works for the yard or your neighbors may ask questions...

BTW THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THINK YOU CAN DO FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!! I feel it is so important, I repeat every full moon! But it can be done anytime!

Do you have a sage bundle? If not, just light five incense and wave them together to make a lot of smoke...

You may already know how to do this but I'm going to walk you through it just in case... starting with your body...smudge yourself that just means run the incense or bundle around your body thinking the thoughts that you are cleansing yourself of all negativity including any ill-luck that anyone may have purposely or inadvertently dumped on you.

Then starting at your front door run the smoke around the door into the corners of your house and along the walls in a clockwise fashion, thinking the thought that you are cleansing your home of all negativity but you can also chant the words, "only the light is welcome here, all that is not of the light must leave." ...after you have smudged your entire house then move to the outside. Go out through the back door (or what you consider your "private or family only entrance to your home...the door guests usually don't enter" walk to the farthest side of the yard and from there, walk clockwise with your sage or incense, smudging a "PROTECTION CIRCLE" around your home. You will walk the circle 3 times. The first time chant as you did in the house, the second time fill your thoughts with your loved ones living and past and fill your heart with gratitude for the part they have (are) playing in your life, the third time focus on asking the divine to protect your home, your life, your loved ones form all evil and unnecessary hardship. At the end of your third circle you will walk back to your private entrance. and seal your door with a protection symbol (use whatever you feel is YOUR protection symbol whether it is a cross, a star, a pentacle etc and draw that with your fingertips on your door. You can also do it on each window (moving clockwise) ending at the door you consider the public entry.

Finally, thank the divine for the protection and end with So Mote It Be (say it with conviction) or you can just say "So Be IT." if you are more comfortable with that.

Okay, now here's the PART 2 to all this and this is the most important thing to do for YOU! This is so important that you should do it every day!!! Okay...I'm going to repeat just trust me...DO THIS EVERYDAY!!! The NEXT TWO THINGS...EVERY DAY!!

Take five minutes out of your day, light an incense or spray a fav perfume in the air...transform the spot you are standing into a sacred space...then talk to the divine...but you are not going to ask for anything...this moment is to thank The Divine for EVERYTHING that fills your life with will not focus on anything not be tempted to ask for anything...just start saying what you are thankful for..."This Day" is where I usually start, because I want to remember to be thankful for every day I am given...then I just start listing..."my husband, Randy, my children, Rina, Sasha, Kiya...etc" but I don't just stop with them...add your pets, add in your home, the backyard that gives you pleasure, the friends who have touched your life ... AND THIS IS IMPORTANT TO...if their is anyone who has hurt you thankful for that person and the hardship they have caused you because they have helped mold you into the person you are today (I know it sounds silly but you asked and I can explain the reasons if you want me to)...then end it on this, "Thank you, "Mother" (although whichever word you are more comfortable with) for allowing me to see that my life, my sacred journey, is to be of the light, and I commit myself today, and everyday to the light."

The best way to show the universe (the Divine) that you are deserving (DESERVING) is to start believing that you DESERVE THE BEST LIFE OF EVERYTHING IN LIFE...(okay just tell yourself this every morning...I don't care how silly you feel!) make a sticky note and put it on your mirror so you see it every morning...put it on your screensaver...whatever you have to do...

I could go on for another hour...there is so much you can do to transform your life and see a miraculous change in you and all those around you...but these three should get you going!!!!!!

Let me know how it goes,

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